The Gravity Between Us (New Adult Contemporary Romance) 
by Kristen Zimmer 
Publisher: Bookouture
Link: T

The best thing about this book hands down it the internal dialogue between each the two female protagonists. It’s witty and funny, so right on for the situation. You will not be disappointed!

Kendall Bettencourt is an up and coming young female movie star. She is on the precipice of becoming Hollywood’s it girl. Payton is her best friend, and also happens to have had a crush on Kendall since well, forever. Kendall and Payton have been bestie’s since before Kendall made it big. Payton is sweet, funny quick-witted and is constantly struggling to overcome her desires for Kendall. The story is told in first person format you get to see what each girl is thinking and, this is why this book is so delightful. The internal dialogue is masterful.

Fairly early into the book Kendall comes to the realization that she is attracted to Payton, (she has no clue it goes both ways). She fights with the fact that not only does she have a first time crush on a female, but that it’s also with Payton, whose friendship means the world to her and keeps her grounded in the dog eat dog world of Hollywood.

Enter Lauren, another hot movie star who turns her interest onto Payton and the story takes off unto another level. Kendall is insanely jealous. The scenes are hot. The connection sizzles. The writer draws you right it and doesn’t let you go. If you are anything like me you will find yourself fighting sleep to finish this one. Great book, totally worth the price, you will not be disappointed.

4.25 out of 5 stars

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