This book is flat out amazing! This is book number two in the Soho Loft series by Melissa Brayden. Melissa Brayden hands down does romance better than anybody else. No joke, she is the Tim Duncan or romance! She draws you into her lovable characters, and she just eases you into an magnificent romantic tale. Her character development is on point!

The focus is on two returning characters, Sam And Hunter. Sam is the is the number crunching, red headed accountant. She’s a little bit of a neurotic, geeky, control freak. Hunter is the exotic, super hip graphic graphic designer for their advertising agency, Savvy.

Thanks to an increase in rent, and Brooklyn moving in with Jessica, Sam and Hunter become roomies. You can just see where this is going right! We have a love connection brewing. These two ladies have chemistry. Sizzle is the operative word. The banter is epic, and its just fun and sweet, which you can never have to much of. You cannot help but fall in love with Sam and Hunter’s epic tale of love. You root for them the whole way.

Just Three Words is like a really great bottle of wine. You love it from the first sip, and when its gone you miss it and wish you had more. Brayden has a slam dunk with this one! I cannot wait to see what she does with the third installment of the Soho Loft series. My bet it will be just a fabulous as its predecessors.

5 out of 5 stars

Just Three Words (Soho Loft Romances)
by Melissa Brayden

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