I adore this book. It made me laugh, smile, and best of all it pulled at my heart strings. I have read quite a few of Lynn Galli’s novels, this one in my humble opinion is her best. It is amazing! I have read a plethora (love that word) of a romance novels and this is absolutely one of the best.

Right from the start of the book you are thrown into the crazy world of wedding planning. The main character is the maid of honor, Skye, and while she is happy for the bride and groom, she is anti-wedding. WHAT! Our other main character is Ainsley. Ainsley just happens to be the groom’s best woman and cousin. Small world is these two happened to be college roommates at Columbia, and are not exactly on best terms. Foes if you will.

Thanks to the fast paced world of news reporting, the bride and groom jet off in the middle of planning their wedding to catch a new story. Skye and Ainsley are left holding the bag and forced to spend copious amounts of time together planning the dream wedding of their friends. These two banter, like an old married couple. They are witty and terribly funny a t the expense of the others feelings. Their dislike for each other makes for a fascinating progression from animosity to love.

This is solid romance filled with humor, friendship and great storytelling. I wanted to start it again as soon as I finished. You will not be disappointed, One Off is fantastic.

5 out of 5 stars

by Lynn Galli
Link: http://amzn.com/B00V9N6GYQ

Publisher: Penikila Press

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