This book was a wealth of information. KG MacGregor blew my mind with the details. The book was like nothing I had ever read before in lesbian romance genre. It was wonderful and refreshing.

The book starts introducing us to Mila Tordov. Mila is a 27 year old, super smart engineer/scientist that has her heart set on going to Mars. This is her life dream since she was a young girl. She is persistent and unflappable. If you look up the term dogged determination you would find a write up about Mila Tordov. She is a fascinating character, the author made her so believable, and so multi-dimensional. Nothing is cooler that smart woman with a ton a self confidence, and Mila has it in spades.

Our other female lead is Jancey Beaumont. Jancey is a former NASA astronaut, that basically did some pretty heroic stuff on a former space mission while she circled the Earth for a year. She is famous, and Mila’s childhood hero. Jancey is 43 and she is prickly! She only wants one thing in life, a mission to Mars. I will say Jancey took quite some time to grow on me, way longer than Mila.

This book’s awesomeness is based in the details. It is so detail oriented, a goof like me who avoids science at all costs, was mesmerized. I wanted to go to space (I actually think space sounds horrendous, but for the course of T-Minus Two I was into it). The processes that the Mars mission applicants go through, fascinating!

The only thing negative I can say about this book is the romance between the two leads fell short to me. I felt like it wasn’t developed enough. I would have liked more dialogue that made me feel like the romance wasn’t mostly just a one-sided crush on Mila’s part.

T-Minus Two is a wonderful novel. KG MacGregor outdid herself.

4 out of 5 stars

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