Julie Dempsey is a burnt out children’s’ book writer. She has struck success with the adventures of a rhino. Now she wants her bread a butter character to perish so she can begin writing adult fiction.

The book begins with Julie pissing off her editor and walking in to her home to find her partner of five years hooking up with a much younger women in their bed. Oopsies! So what does Julie do you ask? Well, she dumps the cheater and takes a vaca to Cancun, duh! Our disgruntled writer decides while on her trip to take an adventure tour.

Lane Malish is the tour guide that will lead Julie through the Mayan ruins, and a zip ling adventure. The two protagonists each have goo-goo eyes for each other. All fine and good till a local drug lord gets made at Lane. Bullets begin flying, Julie and Lane run and hide in the jungle. You can probably guess the rest from here.

This is a short novella. I picked it up waiting for an appointment to kill some time. While I have read some of Heather McVea’s other work, and was impressed with it, this is not the case with Wayward Destiny. This story was very one dimensional and felt rushed, I really did not connect with the characters or the story in general.

1.5 out of 5 stars

Wayward Destiny
by Heather McVea
Link: http://amzn.com/B014V1Q7XM


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