“I like it, I like it a lot”. That’s what went through my brain the entire time I read A Little Bit of Spice. Anytime you start a book and the first sentence has a well placed F word, you have my attention. This is a good romance novel.

The book introduces us to our two protagonists at a recreation league volleyball match. Volleyball, apparently brings out the beast in Andrea Blake. She is the dirty foul mouthed F-bomber. The referee, Kendall Foster, is our other lead and she is the one Ms. Blake is dressing down. Great start for love right.

When Kendall isn’t being cussed out, she is one the partners, and the main sales rep for her family’s microbrewery. Here is where things get sticky. The Foster’s want their beer carried by the main supermarket chain in the area, Hagen’s. Well, just who do you think got promoted to head of beer distribution? Well of course, the super hot, volleyball monster Andrea Blake. The only problem is that Andrea knows very little about beer. Then, after an ill timed outburst on Kendall’s part, in a board meeting no less, Kendall begins to teach Andrea about beer and its varieties. This begins the olive branch towards friendship and then more.

This book revolves around missteps and preconceived notions the two have about each other. It has just enough angst, and a whole lot of chemistry. I liked the interactions between Kendall and Andrea. They were funny and sexy.

My one problem with the book is that while we started with the whole volleyball, high school rivals scenario, it was never explored again. Not even brought up in a casual conversation between the two ladies. More chapters please! Is there an unwritten rule out there that books must end before 300 pages are written?

3.75  out of 5 stars

A Little Bit of Spice by Georgia Beers

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