Jil Kidd is a private investigator hired by the head of St. Marguerite’s Catholic School on the outskirts of Ontario to investigate uncatholic behavior by the school staff. She was hired find if the teachers and administrators of the school are violating their Catholic morality contract. Jil basically has no desire to take this case, but her firm has fallen on hard times and this is a good paycheck.

Jess Blake is the sexy, smart principal of St. Marguerite’s. She is relatively new to the job, and does not want to let her students or staff down. Jess is also a closeted lesbian, who is torn between her job and her emotional desires.

The heart of the book is wrapped up in a mystery of why there has been a rash of teen suicides on or near campus since the 1970’s. While Jil was sent there to investigate the staff’s “Catholicness”, she really ends up investigating these deaths. Her gut tells her that something is not right, and works diligently putting the pieces together. With the help of Jess and a few others she begins to unravel this twisted story. Of course Jil and Jess are extremely attracted to each other, and that creates an interesting dynamic to the book.

Overall, I found the story very well written with good pacing, and a nice way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.

 4 out of 5 Stars
Publisher: Bold Strokes Books

UnCatholic Conduct
by Stevie Mikayne

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