Prescription for Love is a signature Radclyffe romance. A Radclyffe book is always a good read, with quality characters, and it always leaves you with a smile. Prescription for Love is no exception!

Dr. Abigail Remy has left Manhattan, for a chance at a new start as the new ER chief for Argyle Community Hospital. Abby has been a single, working mom since she was 20. She has spent her young adult years alone, studying, then working, all the while raising her son Blake. She leaves New York behind and moves to the rural community to give Blake a chance at start fresh in a new community with new friends.

Dr. Flannery Rivers is the head surgeon for the local hospital. She is a ball of energy, constantly in motion. Flann is all work, with an occasional fling on the side. Flann is easy going, with a wild side. She is startled to find out that the hospital administration has hired a new ER chief, taking away one of her many responsibilities. She is not looking for Mrs. Right, but she just might have found her in Dr. Abigail Remy.

In my option the two main characters, Abby & Flann are great. They are both strong, independent women with hearts of gold. There is however a lot going on in this book, the love story of course, but also a hospital being revamped, a tornado’s destruction and the stories of other sub-characters.

I found myself reading and wishing more of the story was about Blake, Abby’s son. He was fascinatingly told by Radclyffe as a young teen in the beginning stages of a gender transition. His emotions were so compelling. I literally could not get enough. I wanted more scenes between him a Margie, Flann’s younger sister. While definitely not the heart of the book, these characters were by far the most gripping.

Prescription for Love is a good read, and is totally worth your time, even though the ending felt rushed. Fingers crossed that one day hope Radclyffe writes Blake’s story.

3.75 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books                                                                        

Prescription for Love
by Radclyffe


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