Against Doctor’s Orders is the first book in the Rivers Family romance series. I, of course, read this book second, for some reason I keep doing this. I absolutely adored it. The story follows the Radclyffe formula, but is hands down is better than most of her later material. I felt like she had her spark back. You could tell the writer loved the scenery of upstate New York, and through Radclyffe’s descriptions could just see the picturesque farmland.

Family and practicing medicine are the cornerstones to the Rivers family. The 150 year old Argyle Community Hospital (aka The Rivers) is their legacy. The only problem is that the local hospital has become a money pit and the profitability has become nil. The board of directors is forced to sell the hospital to SunView.
Presley Worth is a corporate financier. She is the VP of Operations at her family’s company SunView. She is sent to decide what the best course of action is for Argyle Community Hospital. Presley see’s the hospital in terms of numbers, will it become profitable or should she shut it down. The Rivers family, and acknowledge that she has a job to do, they just try to show her why their way is important. Presley comes from a background where your worth in life is measured solely by your successes. She is a commanding character that is driven, exceptionally intelligent, and is set to climb corporate ladders.

Dr. Harper Rivers is the oldest of four daughters. Harper is an old school physician, taught by her father, and his father before that to do house calls, the country way medicine used to be. She loves this lifestyle, even though it is physically and mentally demanding. Harper enjoys the simple things in life. It is almost as if she was born in the wrong era, a character that would have been right at home in the early 1900s.

Harper and Presley’s romance was very well done. I enjoyed their story very much. Now it’s not the best Radclyffe’s ever done, I felt as if this was one of her better books in the last couple of years.

Rating 3.75 out of 5 stars

Against Doctor’s Orders
by Radclyffe

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