Love in the Catskills by BL Miller is a historical romance sent in the mid-1850s. The book follows the lives of two girls who could not have grown up more opposite. Divided by social standing, these two young women forge ahead to make a life of their own.

Mary Chandler is a young girl, ten years of age upon first introduction, who is spending her summer with her family at the Mountain House in the Catskills. Mary is part of the upper echelon of New York high society. Her family is beyond wealthy.

Hester Van Wyck is also a young girl, nine when the book begins, who befriends Mary while she is summering at the Mountain House. Hester’s father paints portraits for the rich, while barely making ends meet. The Van Wyck’s are uneducated and very poor, night and day from the Chandler family.
Mary and Hester form an immediate friendship as only two young people can. The book follows Mary and Hester’s summer friendship for the next 8 years. Sounds nice right, well in all truth this was super boring. The first 30% of the book is so dry. I wanted to put it down. Reading about the ins and outs of a 10 year old’s day does not do it for me. I felt like I was reading the same chapter over and over again. I pushed through and it picked up a little, once the girls became of age, but it by no means became riveting. I felt like the real issues of that time, (the Civil War, women’s suffrage), that were brought up by the author were very much glossed over.

This book did not draw emotion from me as the reader, it was another case of an author telling but not showing. Overall, the book was not my favorite, and I would pass on reading it again.

2 out of 5 stars

Love in the Catskills (Eras of Love Book 1)
by BL Miller

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