Twisted Echoes by Sheri Lewis Wohl is a solid, well written book. This is a tale of the supernatural with a side of love. This book will definitely grab your attention from the beginning.

Lorna Dutton has inherited her Aunt Bea’s glorious Victorian home on the western coast of Washington. Lorna takes this gift and runs. This is a chance for her to escape. You see, Lorna, has had her heart broken by her ex. The love she thought was going to last forever didn’t hold up, and her ex, Anna, was really having an affair for quite some time. That has to sting! So Lorna high tails it to her new home, leaving Spokane and her past behind. What she gets is visions of two ghosts, who cannot rest until Lorna finds out the truth of their deaths.

The other main character is Renee Austin. Renee is the daughter of Aunt Bea’s housekeeper, Jolene. She grew up in the house Lorna has now inherited, and now she must return to her childhood home after losing her Seattle based business and home to a devastating fire. By the way, Renee sees people’s auras, and what she sees in Lorna’s has her convinced that she is someone special.

There is a myriad of sub-characters in this story as well. I felt at times they were given too much attention. These characters, especially Lorna’s brother, detracted from the time the author could have spent with Lorna and Renee together establishing their bond. I liked the book, I enjoyed the paranormal aspect, but I wasn’t completely sold on the love established by the two mains. It seemed rushed in my opinion. With this being said, I would still read the next in the series!

3.5 stars out of 5

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books                                                                   
Twisted Echoes: Reluctant Psychic 
by Sheri Lewis Wohl

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