Cold to the Touch by Cari Hunter is the second book in the Dark Peak series. The novel picks up a few months after the last book, No Good Reason. If you haven”t read the first one, I have two things to say: 1) Where have you been? and 2) Hurry up and read the first one, so you can get to this one!

Detective Sanne Jensen is struggling. After being brutally attacked in the last book, she is not operating at top a level. She is struggling at work, and has detached herself from her friends and family, including her best mate Meg.

Dr. Meg Fielding, has a girlfriend, and much to my disappointment it wasn’t Sanne. She has been dating another doctor from the hospital named Emily. Emily is fine, if you like controlling women, who try to subtly change you to fit their mold. Meg has bigger problems than Emily’s critiques though. Her brother is out of prison, and is looking for her. He is definitely not the kind of guy you want to hang out with.

I loved this book. Right from the beginning I was hooked. Cari Hunter did a great job of of keeping me 100% invested in the lives of Sanne, Meg and company. The mystery, (Sanne’s current case), surrounding a rash of stabbing related deaths was intriguing, and had me in suspense till the end. Not only that played a big part in why this book is so good, there are so many moving pieces that are in play. Meg’s brother, why she cannot confide in her current girlfriend, Sanne and Meg’s relationship standstill, all of this is so well put together. Hunter never gives the reader a chance to get bored.This book is intelligently written, and gives you and action packed adventure, with great characters. It is by far a fantastic way to spend your time. Read this book!!!

4.75 stars out of 5

Cold to the Touch by Cari Hunter


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