Across the Pond by Cheri Crystal has a great premise, and front cover. Unfortunately this is where the greatness ends. Don’t get me wrong this book isn’t terrible, its just lacking that spark that really makes makes me want to invest in the characters and their story.

The book begins introducing Janalyn Jacobs as she prepares a romantic dinner for her partner Faith on their 13th anniversary. Janalyn is head over heals for her workaholic, always away on business partner, Faith. Janalyn goes on and on about how Faith turns her into mush with her sexiness, how they have great sex . . . you get my drift. A few chapters later, it’s all gone to hell in a hand basket. Breakup, and cue the heartbreak.

The problem with the story is the over abundance of details that have no pertinence to the story. One case in particular is our main goes on a tirade on empty calorie foods while eating at TGI Fridays. Do health nuts really eat at TGI Fridays? Janalyn is bothered by the size of her salad and we literally have paragraphs about this issue, and it’s societal effects of obesity in America. I felt as if the author was speaking her mind through her character, it just wasn’t necessary. Also, the constant need to tell the reader that Janalyn was going to the gym with her coworker Deb. Why is this here, stop distracting me. Janalyn is basically that friend on Facebook that updates her status each time she goes for a run, followed by a selfie in neon spanex. Ugh!

While there were glimmers of hope throughout the book that would pull me back in, I would find myself right back to driving the struggle bus. By the time the across the pond love interest, Robin showed up I was fading fast. I was quite surprised the two almost the hookup with in an hour of meeting each other. Whiplash much. The romance was too little too late, and the sexy talk wasn’t sexy at all. Fire up the Uhaul and story’s over.

Too much telling, not enough showing. The main character left me cold and uninterested in her overall outcome. This book could have been so much more, if it would have had better pacing and less unnecessary details.

2 out of 5 stars

Across the Pond
by Cheri Crystal

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