Bunny Finds a Friend by Hazel Yeats is a wonderful novel whose main character is an absolute delight. This book reached out and grabbed me right from the start. From beginning to end this book is enjoyable and totally amusing. I loved it!

Cara Jong is a free spirit who cannot for the life of her commit to anything since she graduated from college. She is smart, funny, has an amazing heart and is strikingly beautiful. Cara’s main issue is that she doesn’t want to be tied down to the rigors of Grownupville (this is 100% a made up word, but is by far where I live right now). Grownupville makes you pick a career, buy a house, settle down with one person, and hey Cara is just not feeling it. So, she wanders, and she job hops, and has a string of short-term girlfriends, much to the dismays of her overly critical but hilarious sisters. All of this changes, well kind of, when she meets Jude Donovan.

Jude is not like Cara. She has a career. She is a well know children’s author of a series about a bunny who encounters real life problems and solves them in the glorious way that children’s book do. Jude is an American expat, divorcee and a single mom. Cara is happily residing in Grownupville and is thriving. All she is missing is a little creativity (writer’s block) and someone to share her life with.

Unfortunately for Jude and Cara they meet at the wrong time in life, (don’t freak out this is still 100% a romance novel), and their lives being on different tracks causes them both strife. Cara cannot deal with her not being on the same footing as Jude career wise. She feels inadequate, and her perceived inadequacy is a problem for their relationship, even though Jude could care less about her career issues. No romance is without conflict! No romance is without conflict, but do not fear, Cara will right her ship.

I loved how the author introduced the beauty of the Netherlands, without letting the scenery overtake the story. Hazel Yeats is a wonderfully talented author, and her book Bunny Finds a Friend is a treasure. Put this book on your “To Read” list!
4.25 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing
  • ylvapublishing.co.uk/
Bunny Finds a Friend
by Hazel Yeats
Link: http://amzn.com/B01A7026X6


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