Love on the Red Rocks by Lisa Moreau is a very nice book for the author’s first novel. It was engaging and entertained me as a standard romance novel kind of way. The best thing about this book, it is full of likable, fun characters.

Malley O’Connor plays it safe. She has dreams of opening her own bakery in West Hollywood, but that would mean taking a risk. To Malley life is about making safe practical choices, not following your heart’s pipe dreams. Lizzie her best friend and co-worker is smart, beautiful and fun to be around. So Malley pines away for her, impatiently waiting for Lizzie to dump her on again off-again girlfriend. So when this finally happens, Malley and Lizzie head off for a three week adventure (lesbians only) at a New Age resort in Sedona. Oh no, don’t count your chickens just yet! Malley’s next door neighbor, the super sexy Jessie Barnett is also headed that way.

Jessie Barnett is smoking hot, compassionate poet/police office and she loves to give Malley hell. These two go at it like cats and dogs. Constantly digging at one another, both knowing deep down they love to spar. They just happen to be thrown together as unsuspecting roommates at the women’s retreat. Their interactions were fun, sexy and heck of a good read. The angsty tension was done well, in my opinion (I will say I am an angst lover, this may turn others off). This love triangle becomes alive in Sedona, and Malley must follow her heart once and for all, and start making some serious decisions about what she wants for her life.

Is this book going to change the world, no. Is it revolutionary, no. It is what it is, a good romance novel. The main characters are interesting and well developed. The secondary characters and the surroundings give depth to the story, and add interesting tidbits along the way. I will say, I enjoyed my time reading this book, it gave me escape for the tediousness of work and was lighthearted and fun.

3.75 stars out of 5

Love on the Red Rocks
by Lisa Moreau


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