I liked this book, I really did. There was something about it that pulled me in and held my attention. Karis Walsh is an expert in creating interesting characters that often have to face some type of adversity. I love that she gives them strength to persevere in spite of this.

Stacy “Tace” Lomond has a giant chip on her shoulder, Stacy had to become a parent early in life, her mother left her family and forced her to step up to the mother role for her two younger siblings. Gone were the dreams of studying at the collegiate level, she had to work to help her dad keep food on the table. Compound that with the fact that she lives in a quintessential college town, and has to face her “shortcomings” daily. She feels overwhelming unaccomplished because of her lack of a college degree. She has let this feeling rule her life, even though she has accomplished so much in her thirty-something years.

Dr. Berit Katsaros is world renowned archaeologist, (lots of degrees for this one). She is used to living out of a duffle bag in remote places all over the world. She lives for the dig. Berit recently had a life altering accident, when a sinkhole emerged on a dig site in Peru and subsequently caved in on her and another archaeologist. One year of taking it easy after back surgery is the diagnosis, and adjusting to life in a wheelchair. The archaeologist is forced from her adventurous life and settles on teaching at Whitman College for two semesters while in recovery. Enter her meeting & sharing a home with our anti-collegiate Tace Lomond.

My thoughts on this book are relatively straightforward. This is a nice easy romance between two interesting characters. Each character carries around some emotional baggage, but not enough to drag down the story and make need a box of tissues. I liked how these characters drew the best out of each other, and were able to recognize their faults. This is nice, easy, relaxing read.

3.75 stars out of 5

Love on Tap
by Karis Walsh
Link: http://amzn.com/B01ATVGJUE


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