Reading romance novels is one of my two hobbies. If and when I do have down time, I choose to do the two things that make me deliriously happy. I read or I run. Running tends to take precedence since I continuously talk myself into running marathons, some might say this is masochistic, but hey we all have our flaws. Why I am I telling you this? Let me ramble for a moment and I’ll get to my point.

Yesterday, the weather was 65 degrees and sunny in FEBRUARY. This is the absolute perfect running temperature for a winter hating individual like me. Did I go run my eight miles as scheduled? Nooooooo! I skipped it. I skipped my run on a beautiful spring-like winter day. Why you ask? Because of this darn book,Blurred Lines by K.D. Williamson, it was so amazing, so fabulous, it literally consumed me. You couldn’t have pried it out of my hands, even for calorie free pizza. Nope no way, I fell in love with this book. This book is great! This book is everything I yearn for every time I pick up a romance novel, every damn time!

Of our two leading ladies, one is a Seattle detective named Kelli McCabe. Blurred Lines begins with Kelli being rushed to Seattle Memorial Hospital with two gunshot wounds. This detective is a hardworking, family loving kind of lady. She’s rough around the edges, can drop F-bombs like no other, but her heart is what makes her so awesome. If you are one of her people, Kelli McCabe will love you fiercely. The detective takes care of everyone, she is her family’s go to person when they need help, and she does so amiably. While she is crass and sarcastic at times, she is also good natured and a virtual beacon of strength in a storm.

Doctor Nora Whitmore has enough idiosyncrasies to fill large boat. The doctor has spent her life alone. Her parents have passed, she has no friends, no family and she is shunned by her colleagues because of her prickly nature. She does not let anyone in. You could almost say that Dr. Whitmore is a robot. She does everything precisely. She gets up at the same time, eats the same breakfast day in day out in her monochromatic showpiece of a home. She lives for her routine. To Nora even having sex is like a business transaction. This all changes when the cocky detective ends up in the ICU. Kelli makes it her daily entertainment while in recovery to ruffle Nora’s feathers and get under her skin any chance she gets. And boy does she ever rattle her!

This book is all about the slow burn. K.D. Williamson builds this book like a bonfire, and when she finally struck the match, BOOM! Was it worth it, oh yeah! Blurred Lines has depth, character development, dialogue, plot and conflict. The writing was smooth, and the romance was smoking hot. I can honestly say this book flew right on to my favorite’s shelf. K.D. Williamson can write with the best of them. So I’ll run today in colder weather, but it was worth it, totally.

  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Blurred Lines (Cops and Docs Book 1)
by KD Williamson



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