Catfishing will get you nowhere but in a heap of trouble, even if it started off by accident. This book is centered on a computer glitch that leaves two women in precarious situation. This crazy novel is fun, and reminds us the truth will set you free.

Dr. Jamie “Jay” Richards is a climate scientist. While Jamie has had a rash of bad luck dating, she tends to always pick the Miss Wrong, but currently things are beginning to look up. She’s met someone amazing on an online dating site. This may finally be the lady she is looking for. Everything is going wonderful until an automated message turns the whole thing upside done. A malfunction in website led her match to believe Jay is a male, and her profile picture she’s wearing a cowboy hat doesn’t help dissuade this error.

Dr. Claire Flores is a professor of literature at a small college in Portland. She has spent her whole life trying to attain the high standards her great aunt has set for her. Nothing was ever good enough, and Claire was constantly reminded that her deceased parents would have expected more form her. Claire has spent her whole life feeling guilty, and wishing she had what her parents had. She has ideals of what her future should look like, and that does not include a wife, it includes a husband. She feels a connection to Jay, but if she knew Jay was a woman, all bets would be off.

Jay does the unthinkable and lets Claire believe that Jay is male. Claire decides on whim to take an interview for a job in Jay’s hometown of Boston. This is when things get crazy, and it keeps getting crazier.

This novel is light-hearted, fun. It is perfect for a quite weekend, when you want to relax and unwind with a fun tale. You won’t be disappointed!

3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Apple Blossom Press

Telling Lies Online
by Miranda MacLeod

Telling Lies Online

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