Threads of the Heart by Jeannie Levig is a multilayered novel that follows the lives of five women who happen to share the same residence.  This is a story that involves a lot of moving pieces that are well crafted to give you not only an entertaining read, but a thought provoking one as well.

Maggie and Addison are partners who have been together over a decade. They live in a three story, beautiful home in the Hollywood Hills. Over the years they have taken in a handful of women and given them a place to live. Maggie is a fiery, Irish mother figure to her inhabitants. She cares for everyone, and spends much of her time nurturing her younger friends. Her lover Addison is going through a period of strife.  Maggie sees this, but cannot for the life of her bring it to the forefront. Addison feels restless and dissatisfied with her life. She cannot pinpoint when it all began to unravel, but she is no longer happy with the status quo of her relationship with Maggie.

Tess is a widowed college professor. She has spent the last three years living with Maggie and Addison. Her life was shattered when a car accident took the life of her partner. She has only now begun to recover and put her life back on track.

Dusty is the player of the group. She has a revolving door of women, and is well known around town if you get what I mean. Dusty has only begun to wish for more in relationship, the one stand has begun to lose its luster.

Eve is married with two young sons. Her marriage to her husband is basically over. She moves in with Maggie and the others to try to understand where her life is headed and how to begin her life over while accepting to her own self that she likes women.

The house serves as a touchstone to these women. They are all at different places in their lives, but they always know they are wanted and safe in this home. Leving does a good job of making you invest in each character. There are times I wanted to give one of the five a hug, and other times a swift and painful kick to the shin. This book deals with some very strong issues including coming out, the death of a partner and infidelity. For me the infidelity was specifically hard to read for a variety of reasons. I continue to vacillate if the betrayal is a personal issue for me or if how it was handled by the characters is what I have a problem with.  I felt more rage at the cheater than the woman who was cheated on.   My personal opinion is that it was glossed over a little too much for me. I do not think I personally could bounce back easily if my loved one decided to use our home for a tryst. This is just my opinion though. With that being said, bravo to Leving for bringing this issue to the forefront and giving me characters that I actually cared how they reacted.

Overall, Threads of the Heart is an enjoyable, entertaining novel. I have to say I was surprised to realize that this is the author’s debut novel. I will definitely be looking forward to reading more by her.

4 out of 5 stars

Threads of the Heart
by Jeannie Levig

Note: I was given this book by the author, Jeannie Leving, in exchange for an honest review.

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