The Space Between by Michelle L. Teichman is a young adult coming of age story. It follows the lives of two 9th grade girls that have different experiences entering high school. The journey is sweet, goofy and sometimes agonizing as they both venture into uncharted territory.

Harper Isabelle has been groomed for high school popularity. Her sister Bronte has paved the way for her to be the top female in her class. She knows how to act, what to wear, and what parties to attend to make sure everyone knows she in charge.

Sarah Jamieson is the high school loner, virtually speaking to no one besides her twin brother Tyler. For some reason this kid can’t catch a break. She hides behind makeup and purple tinged hair, to in a sense put up armor to protect herself from the barrage of insults hurled her way on a daily basis. Sarah is an artist who lives inside herself because facing the realities of high school are pretty awful.

The one thing I will tell you about reading this book if you are living with me in Grownupville, you must throw yourself back to being a 9th grader again. This is a true young adult book. If you are reading with the wisdom of age, you are going to struggle, but if you can relate to a high school freshman you will see the Teichman has written a brilliant YA story.

High school is easy for some kids, and devastating for others. For Harper being popular is at times a lot to manage. You have carefully built a house of cards that you must mange to stay on top of. While Harper struggles internally with how she really feels, she has it easy compared to Sarah. How such a sweet soul, could have zero friends is beyond me. Sarah’s being shy has virtually no one in her corner till she meets Harper. Their friendship is sweet and fun, but the transition into more than friends isn’t easy.

The only thing I really struggled with in this book is the dating threesome we had. I find it hard to believe that Sarah would double-cross her sibling to secretly date Harper. These siblings were very close, so for Sarah to betray, Tyler so deceptively was an issue that I got hung up on. Overall I thought this story was really remarkable and brilliantly written by Teichman.

 3.75 out of 5 stars
I was given a copy of this book by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.
  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

The Space Between
by Michelle L. Teichman

 The Space Between

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