Futuristic crime! Okay I can dig that especially if I can grab that book for less than $2.00.  Let it be known that this book is a gem at this price point. You literally cannot find one that is better.

Liv Braxton is straight up a thief. Oh no, she is not going to steal your purse or wallet, that’s small time. She is going to rob your bank! This bad girl is unapologetically ruthless. She takes what she needs and the bigger the payoff the better. So when offered to score mega bucks on a corporate heist, she is all in, even if she has to work with her ex-husband.

Zia Talbot is the corporate mark. She is the one that Liv needs to become besties with and get all the precious knowledge from. She holds the key to millions of dollars just waiting to be stolen my Liv and her unscrupulous partners. All is going to plan until Zia captures Liv’s heart.

I really liked this book, but I could not fall in love with it. The main issue that I had is you know so much about Liv but I felt a bit isolated from Zia. I wanted to know more about her and what made her tick. She was set-up as very interesting character but everything was basically surface after that. I also thought a few of the sub-characters played too much of a role. Overall this is definitely worthy of your time. This is a sci-fi that is not overly world building but more focused on a thief with a good heart.

3.25 stars out of 5

by Cathy Pegau
Link: http://amzn.com/B00BZPIH6S

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