Werewolf books have been a trend for a while now. What is it about shapeshifting individuals that we love so much? Is it because we love dogs? Is it because they are super powerful? Whatever the reason is I am drawn to reading these types of books especially when it involves a romantic element. Enter Jenny Frame’s second book, Heart of the Pack.

Caden Wolfgang is the second in command of the Wolfgang pack. She has always considered herself a lone wolf. She has never felt the pull to settle down and find a mate with any of the other wolves in her pack. Caden feels she is destined to be alone and as sad as that makes her, she has decided to put the pack and its needs above herself.

Selena “Lena” Miller is an outsider in her family. Her family refers to her as the baby elephant, a-hole alert! She has been subjected to a lifetime of ridicule because she does not fit into her family’s “perfect” image. Her domineering mother has driven Lena to the breaking point time and has chastised her time and time about the size of her thighs and how she is consistently letting the family down. This anxiety ridden accountant decides to flee her family’s clutches and comes to Venator Industries in Wolfgang County to do an audit for her accounting firm.

I as a rule of thumb I try to always pick books that I have a general interest in reading. As the years have gone on I have found a few of the werewolf books in this genre to be very fun, adventurous and have a great romance to them. So going into this book I tried to let all the preconceived notions and past stories go. I liked Jenny Frame’s last book, not love, but I did like it. To me, Heart of the Pack was a bit of a letdown, I expected more from this one.

First off the story is a little clunky. It was clunky, in the fact that it just didn’t flow all that well to me. Then there is a backstory that’s at play, and for a minute I literally thought I missed a book in the series. Don’t laugh that has actually happened to me more than once! This backstory is immediately thrust onto the reader and I felt a little lost. Factor in now a human coming into a company full of werewolves. The two, Cade and Selena are immediately at odds with each other, both harboring ill will because of their own personal hang-ups. The thing is that their interactions didn’t feel natural. Their relationship was stiff and felt artificial. I never invested in their story, and once they begin dating it got even worse. How is that even possible! Now for what really resonated with me, and honestly I wish I could eradicate from my brain is the sex scenes. If you have read any of L.L. Raand’s werewolf series you have read graphic werewolf scenes. No big deal. That is totally not it. What really sealed the deal, and made this book a solid NOPE, is when characters are in the throes of passion screaming “fill me up” or “fill up my belly” or “I’m going to fill you up mate”. What the hell, eww and total gross out. Why, just why. Who finds that sexy? Why the belly, no really why the belly!

So this book just wasn’t for me. I could totally me in the minority on this one. This is just my feelings on a book. My observations aside, the rest of the book is pretty standard. There are conflicts, but I didn’t think any of them were anything that hasn’t been done before and seemed a contrived.

2.5 out of 5 stars

I was given this book by Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.

Heart of the Pack
by Jenny Frame
Link: http://amzn.com/B01E852ZE6

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