I struggled with this one, and I hate that! I hate the feeling that I am not giving a book justice, especially one that is obviously well written. I’m going to put it down to the fact that it just wasn’t my cup of tea, you that’s what I’m going to do.

Andi Rey is an artist living near Victoria, Australia. Andi paints beautiful works of art and is currently working to finish her first solo exhibit. For extra income and to support her art she freelances as a graphic designer.  Andi has been unlucky in love, she is not willing to take a risk with her heart on just anybody.

Dr. Caitlyn Quinn is an Irishwoman who has come to Australia to assist her grandaunt in cataloging her art collection. She just happens to be vacationing at a beautiful home near Andi’s. These two strike up a friendship through their love of paintings, wine, great food and the beach. They only problem as their attraction to each other grows, so does the looming fact that Caitlyn is just  in Australia for a few short months.

I have no doubt that there will be people that read this book and love it, 4 and 5 stars all the way. These people are not going to be me unfortunately. Technically there is nothing wrong with this book. I would absolutely say that this book is well written, there were not mistakes in grammar or spelling. The setting was staged well, the characters were developed, so yes, this book is technically sound. What I did not find is any emotion to the book. The characters were dull and the dialogue was dry. I also felt that there were way too many secondary characters that had insignificant roles. Literally, I was trying to keep up with all the different names thrown out, and why they were there. I literally trudged through the entire thing wondering what the point is to this book. There wasn’t much to the story, and obstacles the character’s had to overcome were tired. This book was way too long for how little happened, but hey this is just my opinion.

2.5 stars out of 5

I was provided this book by Ylva in exchange for an honest review.


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