This is what I would call a good old-fashioned romance. No, there are no bonnets or horse drawn carriages. What I mean is Miss Match by Fiona Riley is a true romance in every sense oF the word. There is no craziness or sub-plot, it’s just two ladies that meet, find each other attractive, and move forward through highs and lows of true love. This is a romance and it is so very good!

Samantha Monteiro is a match maker. She runs a company that finds personalized love matches to the wealthy of Boston. Most of her clients are business tycoons who have put their person life on hold while they have navigated their careers. Samantha and her business partner, Andrew, find them their true love. The only problem is Samantha hasn’t found her own match yet. She thought she was to marry her college sweetheart, but his infidelity left her nothing but a scandal to cover-up.

Lucinda Moss is an advertising executive by day and a dance teacher by night.  This woman has a heart of gold. She smiles easily, says all the right things, but rarely does she let anyone know the real Lucinda. Raised a s a foster child, Lucinda has learned to fake happiness all the while keeping her heart safely hidden behind protective walls.

Samantha and Lucinda meet at a wedding. These two hit it off immediately. They find a way to keep meeting and become a constant in each other’s lives. They date, they navigate a relationship, and they fall head over heels in love. While a generic as that sounds this book is anything but. Its sexy, it’s cute and it will hold your attention to the very last sentence. This is a great book, with great characters, with a great romance. Great, great, great!!!  Oh, and this book is Fiona Riley’s first book. Oh my she is good, I cannot wait to see what she writes next because Miss Match is a stellar debut!

4.5 out of 5 stars

ARC from Netgalley and BSB

Miss Match
by Fiona Riley


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