This is by far one of Radclyffe’s best works. The Color of Love is an absolute delight. I literally could not put it down. I’m talking reading into the wee hours into night. Guess what, it was totally worth the exhaustion of the next morning. The characters are delightful, their backgrounds are interesting and the conversations between each other delectable. Radclyffe was firing on all cylinders with this one!

Emily May is a literary agent at one of the big publishing houses in New York owned by the Winfield family. Emily is used to being alone, hard work and a positive attitude have helped her reach success and therefore achieving financial security. While having money is always important in some regards, for Emily it is dire. She needs to be able to pay for her invalid sister’s constant care. For Emily her life changed drastically as a teen. Losing both parents in a plane crash and her sister forever changed has given her a unique outlook on life. Even as her immigrant residency status, Emily is positive, polite and caring. This woman is epitome of class and grace with a killer wit.

Derian Winfield is a rich and powerful playgirl. Derian has spent all of her adult life chasing fast cars and even faster woman. Deep down inside where no one can see Derian is so lonely and sad she pushes the limit on her body and her lifestyle to keep from feeling this despair. The only one in her family that gives her unconditional love and support is her aunt Henrietta, (also Emily’s boss). When Henrietta suffers a sudden heart attack, Derian rushes back to New York to be by her side. This is where she will meet Emily, the woman that changes everything for her.

This book reminded me a lot of Faded Love. No so much in the plot but in how the characters were taken with each other and had chemistry that just sizzled right off the page. The dialogue between Derian and Emily was fantastic. You really felt the power of their connection. These two are opposites in many aspects, but both appreciate each other for who they are. You will love way Radclyffe crafts these characters. You’re sure to fall in love with them while they fall in love with each other.

5 out of 5 stars

I was given this book by Bold Strokes Book in exchange for an honest review.

The Color of Love
by Radclyffe

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