This is one of those books that the cover actually sold me on the book. I like a good cop procedural but sometimes it has too much crime. (That’s probably an oxymoron, right, too much crime, but you know what I mean, you read romance novel too!) I will confess the romance is what I want, catch the bad guys sure, but let’s have more smoldering romance than chasing villain’s, okay.

Special Agent Ryan O’Connor is a secret service agent that works the on the Protective Intelligence Squad handling threat cases. Ryan has finally got her life back on track after having her heart shredded by the love of her life. Ryan uses oodles of duct tape and pieces back her heart to finally begin dating again. She has entered in to new relationship with a one of NYPD’s finest. The only problem is Lucia feels way more attached that Ryan does.

Enter the heart breaker herself, Special Agent Allison Reynolds. This is secret service agent is one of Mr. President’s own guard. She is calm, cool and collected in a constant storm of chaos. Ryan is her weakness though. You can tell as soon as they come back together to work a detail to guard the President as he travels into the city. The old flame is back, but what is it she’s after?

So my thoughts on this one are mixed. I really, really liked it, well most parts of it. What I love specifically is the angstiness of it. Ryan and Allison have chemistry. HOT!!! It’s obvious as soon as they see each other again after their four year hiatus.  To me as the reader the attraction and dynamic these two had just jumped right off the page. I loved the parts of the story where these two were together and trying to navigate how to be friends and colleagues.

What I was not a huge fan of is too much detail about the Secret Service. Too much procedural stuff, details that are important to the line of work sure, unglamorous at times, but still just a smidgen will do. I understand why it was there it just became rather dry. This is what may turn some reader off, but if you can look past this there is a diamond in the rough.

For me Kara A. McLeod’s first novel Actual Stop is a big hit. I thought this book had emotion and I loved it. The feelings Ryan has for Allison is dynamic, the emotions and intensity of their attraction just pulled me in chapter after chapter. While reviews maybe mixed, I quite frankly loved this one.

4.25 out of 5 stars

I was given this book by Netgalley & Bold Strokes Books in return for an honest review.

Actual Stop
by Kara A. McLeod


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