I picked up this book a few weeks ago, not really reading the description but going off the fact that KG MacGregor always puts out quality material and it usually covers interesting or thought provoking subjects. This book could have easily been picked off of the last few weeks headlines about the travesty and cover-up at Baylor University. Sadly, the book was written before that whole nightmare was brought to the public’s attention. This book tackles the horrible problem and aftermaths of rape and sexual assaults on our college campuses. Trial by Fury is a lot of legal and a smidgen of romance. It is very good, very informative and very heavy.

For me this book was good and disappointing all wrapped together. Honestly I don’t think this book is really a romance at all. While two characters, Theo and Celia, do become a couple and fall madly in love, the book isn’t really about that. It is more the legal working of Theo and her staff figuring out a way to make the rapists and the college pay for the crimes and then the mishandling of the victims’ rights..  While the subject is so important and swift action needs to be taken by colleges across America, you do feel like characters weren’t ever really developed, and most definitely the romance was very flat. This book felt very educational, and I could have been reading an in-depth expose. Don’t go into this one expecting to be overjoyed by the love, you will come out smarter than before though.

3.75 stars

Trial by Fury
by KG MacGregor
Link: https://amzn.com/1594934924


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