Lands End by Jackie D is your standard romance novel. That is not a bad thing! This book has two lovable, but slightly flawed main characters, a beautiful setting, and just enough conflict to keep you interested. I liked it! I don’t always need tons of angst or a crime-solving heroine to keep me interested. Sometimes you just need a good book and a glass of wine to decompress from life’s pressures. This is what you get with Lands End, a good, solid romance that holds your attention, and leaves you feeling content.

Lena Michaels is the proprietor of Lands End, a renowned San Francisco restraint that she inherited after her parents murder seven years ago. Along with running the restaurant, Lena is also the guardian to her, wild sixteen-year-old sister. Lena spends all of her time managing/juggling the headaches of a business and a rebellious teen. She casually dates but has that Seinfeld syndrome, of always finding faults.

Lena’s sister Laura is how she meets publicist, Amy Kline. Amy is a publicist to the highest profile clients in the Bay area. She deals with their messy scandals, spinning them to keep these wealthy individuals from feeling the heat of their actions. Her client a devious pro football player that likes to hang out with teenage girls, he ends up being photographed with Laura at a nightclub. Ugh Oh! Lena heads down to rip Amy a new one, and the fireworks go off. Of course after that meeting they run into each other on the constant.

This is a good book that I enjoyed my time with. For me, Jackie D is two for two and on my automatic read list.

3.75 out of 5 hours

Lands End
by Jackie D


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