The book Rescue Me, Michelle L. Teichman, starts out describing a rift between the Toronto police department and the local EMT’s. These two organizations cannot get along, the officers declining medical help time and time again. Interesting concept that ties in a few different story lines to deliver a whodunit crime mystery with a side of romance

Staff Sergeant Kristen Bailey of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is working undercover as Toronto PD. The RCMP believes that something nefarious is going on inside the police department. It is Kristen’s job to find out why an officer was murdered while waiting for an ambulance to come. This tangled web of deception is Kristen’s mess to figure out if she wants her coveted promotion to Banff. Kristen is your typical strong alpha type. She is all about the job. Her bed, well really their bed is a revolving door. A hookup is fine but any more than a night of passion forget it. Basically, a total womanizer and she admits to being one multiple times through the course of the story. Oh, and of course she is super hot.

Paramedic Ashleigh Paige is your nice, girl next door. Her heart is a s big a Canada, and she is always there to help. She takes a particular shine to Kristen, even though she is rebuffed time and time again. After her one and only relationship with a woman failed miserably, Ashleigh is determined to find a lady who has a good heart and isn’t just looking for sex. She knows her attraction to Kristen is breaking her own rules but she just can’t stay away.

Now did I love it? Confession, this one just didn’t do it for me. I thought the first third of the book was really clunky and just didn’t flow all that well. There was a lot of information and background coming at me and I struggled to really become invested in the story. Towards the end, the story seemed very melodramatic in the relationship aspect and quite predictable in regard to crime solving. The chemistry of Kristen and Ashleigh did not jump off the page, in my opinion. Not a bad read, but not one I would revisit.

3 stars out of 5 stars


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