Love on Call is the third edition of the Rivers Community romances by Radclyffe. If you haven’t read the first two, this is a standalone, but you will be a bit in the dark on some of the periphery character’s backstories. If you are like me, Radclyffe is one of your go-to writers. While not always knockouts, Radclyffe is known for a quality story with interesting characters and engaging story lines. Love on Call will not let you down in this aspect.

Love on Call brings in a new character Mari Mateo, a physician’s assistant who has moved across the country for a chance to start over. Rivers offers Mari a chance at a career and life on her terms. Hailing from an intolerant family, Mari leaves her Los Angeles home to begin again. You find out pretty early on that Mari has had a rough go of it lately, harboring a secret that weighs heavily on her heart and mind.
The other main character is Glenn Archer, a recurring character from the last two books in this series. Glenn is a former Army medic who is now taking her new role as PA program director at Rivers hospital. Glenn is your brooding, heartthrob how is instantly likable but is more comfortable in the background than center stage.

Mari and Glenn hit it off right from the beginning. The work well together and become fast friends as well as colleagues. You can tell these two feel attraction towards the other, but both are skittish about taking it to the next level. Two very easily likable characters, that as the reader, you can’t help but root for them to overcome their self-imposed obstacles, and take the chance on love.

While their chemistry isn’t overwhelming and palatable, it is there. The romance is well thought out and interesting. These two characters have personal baggage, and it was delightful to see how they helped the other carry the weight, and see new perspectives on life. The compliment each other very well, and it was an overall good romance.
The only downfall in my opinion, to this story, is that you don’t get enough time with Glenn and Mari. Carrie plays a dominant role, and you are drawn to her story and what will most likely e the next romance in the series. Also, Blake and Margie, take a chunk of the story as well. As much as I loved the two mains of this book, my mind kept wondering what Carrie’s story will be, how will Blake and Marie’s romance unfold. I never was fully engrossed in this book, more wondering what the set-up for book four will be.

If you are a Radclyffe fan, you won’t be disappointed in this one. While not her best, this certainly will keep you entertained for the duration of the book. Definitely worth the price of admission!

3 stars out of 5

I was given this book by the publisher, BSB, in return for an honest review.

Love on Call (A Rivers Community Romance)
by Radclyffe

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