Cash Braddock by Ashley Bartlett was not going to be on my list of December reads. I scanned the cover and was meh, I have too much to do to add this one. A weekend of terrible weather, and boredom of running the treadmill, I succumbed and picked this one up. Why I gave it a go? Basically, for the fact that Cash is a drug dealer. What an interesting premise in which our main protagonist is actually kind of a bad girl.

Cash Braddock is an educated, smart-ass that chooses to forgo a big girl job to peddle opiates and benzos to college students and housewives. Anti-establishment, I do what I want attitude, with a side of hippie. While morally bendy, she does have a sense of right and wrong, however, twisted her logic may be. While Cash’s day job is
reprehensible, she is also sweet, caring, witty and sarcastic in the best possible way. Imagine a character that goes from peddling Adderall to quoting Plath and Wilde while sipping craft beer all withing the course of an hour. Cash in a conundrum in the best possible ways.

Laurel is Cash’s would-be girlfriend. These two meet and the chemistry is instantaneous. They challenge each other intellectually, open up over past hurts underneath the stars all the while dancing around actually dating. You as the reader, see the beginnings how these two are each other’s other half. True love is in the making. Hold the phone, though, nothing ever worthwhile comes easy, and this is a romance novel, so we are going to have to ramp up the tension. Laurel is super into Cash, but something is holding her back. I’m not telling you, what that something is either. You can read the book and gasp out loud at 1:00AM like I did.

I loved that this book is so different. There were moments I laughed out loud, pop culture references that I adored and parts I cringed because I’m a good girl and Cash is kind of bad. I relished the moments that Laurel and Cash spent alone. These two are really a good match and their chemistry just jumps off the page. Playful, serious and sarcastic all rolled into one harmonious pairing. The story is great, the characters are fantastic and the twist, well I never saw it coming. The ending is kind of abrupt, so I find myself impatiently waiting for the next book in the series, but loving the time I spent with this one. For once, I am actually glad that bad weather kept me inside.

4.25 stars out of 5

Cash Braddock
by Ashley Bartlett

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