Benched is a sequel. If you haven’t read Barring Complications, well I am kind of jealous of you because goodness, that book is amazing and to read it for the first time… let’s just say to me that the book is enthralling. You cannot put it down! So a sequel is tricky business, it’s either an amazing chance to reconnect with characters you have invested in or worst case scenario…a dud! Benched is no dud my friends, this is a fantastic book. It every bit holds its own with its predecessor.

Barring Complications was unique in a way in the two mains, Victoria and Genevieve had this pull towards each other. Even when they couldn’t communicate verbally, because of a pending case, they had this undeniable connection. I loved that about that book, it really drew me in and I was amazed by how well Rippon was able to connect that with the reader.

Where Benched comes in is Victoria and Genevieve have had their whirlwind romance and real life is settling in. Two very powerful players in D.C. whose paths have crossed in a monumental court decision that changes the political landscape of America are destined to meet again professionally. How do they navigate these new waters now that they have become lovers? EEK, problems arise, and neither of them handles it very well.

This is where I think their differences in personality really become fleshed out. Victoria has always struggled with being out while Genevieve is the cover of Advocate. So they struggle and they make missteps that make them wonder if they can forge ahead a cohesive unit or do they need to go separate ways. Is love always enough? I’m not going to lie there were a few moments that I thought, Holy mackerel sapphire what is happening, why are they doing this to each other, but in the end romance prevails.

4.25 out of 5 stars


4 thoughts on “Benched by Blythe Rippon

  1. I’m reading this now ( while reading a couple of other books, I admit). I too loved Barring Complications. How sweet was the Victoria/ Gen relationship in that.
    I’m only 1/3 of the way in reading Benched but loving the whole “not all HEA’s come without their challenges angle in this one. Great review.


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