Wendy of the Wallops is the second edition to The Wallops series by the amazing Gill McKnight. I was absolutely delighted to find out the ever so klutzy Wendy was going to be the main focus of the book. I can absolutely tell you that Wendy of the Wallops did not disappoint.
If you remember from the last book, Wendy had just come to terms with her sexuality. If you don’t it will be okay this one can easily be read as a standalone, but why on Earth would you want to do that. Wendy is an interesting character. She is serious rule follower that is chock-full of insecurities but a good friend and steward to her community. She also tends to get herself tangled in wacky crazy predicaments. All of this makes for a dang good read full of laughs and zaniness.

When we meet Wendy she has just been assigned to a new case. An informant who has turned on a nasty gang has just gone on the lamb. The London police think that he may be headed to see his daughter who has just moved to the Wallops. Wendy is in charge of keeping an eye on things in town and making a connection with his young daughter. To do so she must begin volunteering a leader for the Girl Guides. This runs in smack dab into the mischievous and sexy Kiera Minsk. Oh, let the chemistry just boil over. Kiera pushes all of Wendy’s buttons but she cannot keep her eyes off her.

McKnight has given us one damn good book. I was thoroughly wrapped up in its awesomeness. A loved every minute and I truly hope to see these characters again.

4.5 out of 5 stars.


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