If you liked Fiona Riley’s debut novel, Miss Match, well you just have to read her second installment into the Perfect Match series. Riley brings us two adorable strong female leads that have an abundance of chemistry. I mean really what more does a romance need.

If you think back to Miss Match you remember that Lucinda was helping an adorable genius client of Samantha’s how to dance. Well, that client is now the main focus of Unlikely Match. Shelly White a lady version of Steve Jobs is looking for her true love. Shelly is an adorable character who reaches out and grabs your heart. She is dorky in the best possible ways. Her insecurities endear the reader to her. A female lead that is sexy, super smart and has a heart of gold is nothing to shake your finger at but seeing those little “imperfections” is absolutely adorable.

Out other main is Claire Moseley. Claire, also in Miss Match, was promoted by Lucinda to clean up some of the messes at Clear View. Clair leapfrogged some senior associates to become a PR and marketing executive and basically Lucinda’s right-hand woman. Claire is tenacious and competitive by nature. She has no no-nonsense approach to her job, she unequivocally knows that Luce went out on a limb and offered her a huge opportunity career-wise. In return, Claire works long hours and produces quality work time and time again, her loyalty to Clear View and her boss is endless. She is the ultimate workhorse. What she hasn’t had much luck in is meeting anyone special. Work takes precedence and she just hasn’t put herself out there in quite some time. That is till she is introduced to Shelly, and they begin working together on unrolling a few new products for the IT magnet. Shelly makes Claire want things she had put on the backburner. The only problem is dating a client is probably not the best idea career-wise.

This book is a true romance, built on two strong capable women and their journey to each other. The story is well crafted, as are the characters. They feel real. You read the book and feel as you could actually know women like this in real life. The best part is these two have chemistry in and out of the bedroom. Yay for that! I loved Riley’s first book and without a doubt took her writing up a notch. It was nice seeing Luce and Samantha together again, but the best part is those two dynamic characters stayed in the background and let Shelly and Claire be the true stars of this book. A really great read. I loved it!

4.25 out of 5 stars

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