This book is an excellent whodunit story wrapped into a delightful romance. Maddox does an excellent job of keeping you intrigued in the slow burn romance all the while knowing there is a cold case being unearthed simultaneously. While the love is brewing between our two mains there is a killer getting more skittish by the day.

Ella Townes spent weeks every summer in the Poconos at Lake Winola, as a young girl visiting her grandparents and making friends with the neighborhood kids at the lake they lived on. For Ella, this idyllic time in her life has a strong hold on her heart and at forty she jumps at the chance to move back to this beautiful lakeside town. Taking a new position as the VP of development at Poconos Mountain University, Ella accepts that her life will probably now include a special lady, she believes wholeheartedly that work will be enough to keep her satisfied.

Reese Ryan is a local ER doctor who has spent almost her entire life in her sleepy hometown. She loves her town, her friends, and her family. She is undeniably connected to this community. She has always been single, never thinking much about it. All of her relationships have been casual, except one, her childhood sweetheart, who was mysteriously murdered right before their high school graduation. When Ella Townes, moves in next door to Reese’s parents, all bets are off, this is one woman Reese cannot look over.

What’s great about this book is it has a well thought out plot, involving a murder mystery cold case wrapped around a delightful love story. Each part is done so well and balances each other beautifully. Ella and Reece’s romance is a slow burn filled with attraction and friendship. They circle around each other in the great push-pull that holds your attention and keeps you flipping the page into the night. All the while Maddox is slowly unraveling the mystery of Stephanie Gates death. A great romance with a smart mystery, this is one book of 2017 that you do not want to pass up. So good!

5 out of 5 stars

The Scholarship

7 thoughts on “The Scholarship by Jaime Maddox

  1. I am always so excited when you post a 5-star review but hate it when it’s for a book that’s approx 240 pages (no more) and $9.99. It seems all books published by BSB (and most from Bella) are the exact same length and price and when you read as much as I do it gets hard to drop $10/week (if not more)…so I must admit that I end up passing on a lot of books that are $9.99 unless they are at least over 300 pages. Perhaps I’m missing out on some good books but I must admit I’ve found some nice ones that range from $3.99-$7.99. 🙂 Anyway, I’ll prob end up buying this book because you have it 5-stars but if not for that than I would pass. :/


    1. I know what you mean, you can bust your budget in a hurry. Sign up for Bella and Bold Strokes email blast if you haven’t already. Sometimes I buy a bunch when they have a big sale. I would love to hear any books that found that were amazing. I just read Clare Lydon’s new one (review come Monday), it’s amazing.


      1. And I just bought it! 🙂 Can’t beat 342 pages for $6.99! Looking forward to reading it this weekend.
        Oh, and I’ll check out my library and shoot you a title or two if some good (but cheap) books! 🙂


  2. BTW, I just read ‘State of Grace’ by Everly James today. 🙂 It’s like 285 pages for $3.99. It’s the 2nd book (1st was Heartbeat a week ago) I’ve read by Everly and I’ve really enjoyed both of them!


    1. Awesome, thank you for the recommendation. I haven’t read anything from Everly James, so I will have to check them out. Let me know what you think of A Girl Called London. I really loved that one!


      1. And that’s why Iove your 5-star reviews…I loved A Girl Called London (started it yesterday, finished it this afternoon). Sophie was great…her internal thoughts and the things she said out loud…kept me laughing (she may be one of my favorite characters)! 🙂 Great book…thanks for the recommendation.


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