I have never read anything by KJ before June of 2020. Well let me tell you what, I will not pass this author by again. Kick Back was a fantastic read. I was utterly charmed by the story and it’s two leading ladies.

KJ takes us into the world of women’s Australian Football League. If you are a sport’s fan like me and follow any US women’s professional league (NWSL, WNBA, NWHL…) you will real understated the backdrop of the story well. Little to no pay, crap facilitates, little to no media coverage and using sex instead of skill to sell the brand.

Sophia Lindstrom is one of South Melbourne’s star players. Sophia works full time as the co-owner of an upscale high-end food and wine boutique. She spends the rest of her time training to be the best athlete she can be. Sophie suffers from anxiety and the fear that anyone she loves will eventually leave. This leaves her permanently single and only engaging in casual superficial relationships. Her focus is on work, her community and making sure South Melbourne wins.

Cam Weathers is a journalist for a less that reputable newspaper, The Post. Cam has big dreams of being an investigative journalist but right now to pay her bills as staff writer. Cam’s latest assignment is to write puff pieces on the women of the AFL. Her editor doesn’t want her to write about sports, or the sacrifices these women make only about their skin care routines and other mindless crap.

Cam and Sophia butt heads immediately. Sophia does not appreciate Cam’s approach to the sport and Cam sure as hell doesn’t appreciate Sophia’s commentary on her profession. As these two get to know each other, dislike turns to like and a friendship with an underlying attraction develops. This is a slow burn romance that keeps you hanging on to every word.

KJ has written a superb book. The plot is multi-faceted, the story well developed, and the pacing is perfect. I loved the characters. Cam and Sophia are strong, yet vulnerable. Their romance is just about as sweet as you can get. You felt the love and attraction these two had for each other well before it was spoken.

I love a slow burn, so this one just spoke to me. I cannot recommend this book enough. So so good!

5 out of 5 stars

Kick Back by [K J]

2 thoughts on “Kick Back by KJ

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  2. A nice review, and yoru enthusiasm is great! I am only sorry that the first comment was by a shill for a deeply unethical paid-review enterprise that all should despise. 😦
    Authors, take note: *this*review blog is where you want to be — reviewed by a passionate true reader!


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