Rewriting the Ending by H.P. Tune

Have you ever wondered who the stranger next to you is? For instance there are times when I sit in an airport and wonder who he is or who she is. Are they going home, a business meeting or maybe on an epic adventure? What if a chance encounter on a terrible day was really the best thing that ever happened to you?

Juliet Taylor has one published book under her belt and now the deadline on her second one is fast approaching. Her publisher wants it now but she has one hell of a case of writer’s lock. So the intrepid traveler that she is decides a change of scenery is in store. She packs her bags and is headed for Brussels. The only problem that she is having is that her flight becomes a nightmare situation. Oh you know what I’m talking about, delays, cancellations and more delays. So when a beautiful stranger asks her to join her in the Emirates Lounge in Los Angeles how can you say no?

Mia Revira is the beautiful stranger. Mia is headed to Scotland for some much needed rest and relaxation. Her life has come apart at the seams. Death, a failed marriage, angry parents are all weighing heavy on her heart. She needs time to heal and to find her path. Meeting Juliet is a godsend, this person wants her to be nothing but who she is. Finally, someone sees the real Mia.

For the first fifty percent of this book I was feeling it. Interesting plot, the dialogue was good and overall I was enjoying these two character’s journey. Then the melodrama kicked up into high gear and I just became more and more despondent as the chapters rolled on. Over the top reactions in real life and in books makes me want to run fast, the opposite direction mind you. It leads me to a sense of disbelief, especially in writing where it is over demonstrative. Come on no one acts like this is all I could think. Over and over again, it was just too much! Internal pain, then comfort and repeat and repeat and repeat…

The characters were well developed, they were likeable. The first portion of this book is so good.  To me the obstacles became too overwhelming. It seemed that every chapter had a new ordeal for Juliet and Mia to overcome. From my perspective, it became exasperating. I could not invest any one issue because it was glossed over and on to the next life altering moment.

2.75 out of  5 stars

  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Rewriting the Ending
by hp tune