Tricky Chances: The Clinical Years (Tricky, #2) by Camryn Eyde

Tricky Wisdom was one of those books that just stayed with you. I will honestly tell you I have read it more than once. Yes, I am one of those people! What I loved about the book was how complicated and multifaceted each of the two main characters are. As the book went on you learned more about them and it didn’t help that the sexual tension was off the charts. I love a great story full of angst and bits or humor. So, with that being said I needed the sequel in my life. Thank the heavens it finally arrived this week. Tricky Chances: The Clinical Years is absolutely as good as its predecessor is not just a hair better. Don’t you just love it when a sequel is awesome! Not an easy feat, I applaud you, Camryn Eyde.

We come back to the story, (yes you must read the first one first) as Darcy and Olivia head into the second year at Harvard Medical School. If they thought the first year was difficult, well just add in clinical rotations on top of class and studying. You got it, they barely have time to breath much less eat or sleep. This new schedule causes havoc on their social lives and their relationship. You see the daily stress they are under, those hairline fractures in their love become under a constant pressure. What it makes for is strain, anguish, and some tears. What it gives you as the reader: a fantastic story that will be damn hard to put down.

If you ready the first one in this series, hold your hat, cause you are in for one hell of an awesome ride. If you haven’t, well I’m a little jealous of you getting to read that book for the first time. Darcy and Olivia are characters that will steal your heart.

A big 5 stars!


Tricky Wisdom by Camryn Eyde

This is a wonderful, fun read. The characters are complicated and interesting. Olivia is a conundrum, in the most fascinating of ways.

So the story begins introducing us to Darcy. Darcy is a 23 year old college grad on her way to Harvard Medical School. Darcy is also in love with Taylor, her childhood best friend. She has subjected herself to never having a romantic relationship of any kind because of her pining for Taylor. Upon arrival at Harvard, Darcy meets her roommate, Olivia and surprise her new roommate is total nutcase.

Olivia is an interesting character. She makes this book really stand out. She is flawed on so many ways, but you can’t help but like her. She is prickly and sassy, and so challenging to figure out. You have to feel for Darcy having her as a roommate. She is challenging to say the least. Both of the main characters have issues they are working through. In Olivia’s past and Darcy’s inexperience with relationships.

The book really picks up steam and gets turned on its head when BFF Taylor gets a girlfriend back home in Minnesota. Taylor up until Darcy leaving for med school always dated men. Darcy is jealous and doesn’t understand why Taylor chooses to fall for a girl, especially a girl that is not her. So she tells Taylor a little white lie to save some face. What’s the lie you ask? Well that she is dating Olivia of course. Olivia is then cajoled into going along with Darcy’s charade.  I won’t tell you anymore because that would spoil this amazing story. PS, The first kiss is hot. Fire extinguisher please!

The story is well written, clear and concise. You enjoy the twist and turns of their path to true love. The ending is sweet and fits perfectly. Eyde does not rush through the ending. It is well formulated and will have you begging for more I can’t wait till the next book in 2016.

4.25 out of 5 stars

Tricky Wisdom: Year I (The Tricky Series Book 1)
by Camryn Eyde