Finding Jessica Lambert by Clare Ashton

You are going to want to read this one if you haven’t already. It truly is a fantastic read. Clare Ashton has given us a book that is thoughtful, romantic, well paced, multi-layered book. All in all this one is a delight to wrap yourself up in and escape.

When the book begins we are introduced to Jessica Lambert in the middle of a full blow panic attack. She cannot escape her current situation and is paralyzed by the uncertainty around her when a kind stranger, Anna Mayhew, comes to her rescue. You see Jess is a world famous actress who is in the middle of her new movie’s promotional tour. The pressure is overwhelming and she is exhausted by the lifestyle.

Anna sees the younger women in distress and recognizes the signs of her fear and distress immediately. Believing that Jess is running from a stalker, Anna steps in and gives her a place to just be. They become friends, enjoying the company of one another and the more time they spend together the feelings become stronger.

Of course their are bumps along the way, I won’t spoil them for you by going into detail. Remember how I said this book was multi-layered. As Ashton peels one away, you find another one that makes the plot that much richer. Like a glass of fine wine, this is one you sit back and enjoy. Let the story carry you. So good, I highly recommend!

4.5 out of 5 stars


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The Goodmans by Clare Ashton

Clare Ashton writes books that you love to read. They are complex, fun and capture your attention the whole way through. She builds characters and relationships with such skill you cannot help but be swept off your feet.

The Goodman family is messy and downright loveable. They are all charismatic individuals who love each other fiercely and also step into mess after mess. The majority of the times, we, the readers are seeing life from the perspective of Maggie, Jude, and Abby. These characters are quirky, infuriating, and irresistible. Maggie, Jude’s mother made me want to scream one minute and hug her very next.

Abby and Jude are both doctors. They met as teenagers at university and became fast friends. When Abby was just nineteen and away at school her mother was struck by a drunk driver and killed. That tragedy solidified Abby and June’s friendship. Jude and her family became touchstones for Abby and she has incorporated them into her life ever since that fateful day. Abby loves Jude, as a best friend sure, but so much more than that. Her feelings run so much deeper, and she knows nothing can come of it. Jude has always dated me and has never given her an inclination of being anything but straight. When Jude’s boyfriend, suddenly proposes, the walls Abby has erected come tumbling down. No matter how hard she tries Abby cannot hide her heartbreak.

This story is about best friends seeing each other in a new light, Jude sees Abby in a way she has never looked before. She opens her mind to being with Abby in a new and suddenly very attractive way. What it also is confronting the past and being open to a new future. For a long part of the story, I kept wondering why we had Maggie’s perspective. It all makes sense when an old friend comes into town.

This book is fun, dynamic and keeps you hooked. Clair Ashton does not disappoint. This book is one I cannot recommend enough.

A fabulous five-star book!

  • Publisher: Breezy Tree Press
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Poppy Jenkins by Clare Ashton

This book is a true gem. For the very first pages you are taken by the beauty of the Welsh village as much as the main character Poppy. You become invested in the characters, rooting for their triumphs, and sharing their sadness. Poppy Jenkins is not the book to pass on. This one will steal your heart. Good luck on getting that back!

Poppy Jenkins is one of those rare people that are almost too good to be true. This beautiful woman has a heart of gold, always seeing for the best in everyone and finding treasures among the mundane. Poppy has settled into her life into her birthplace, a small Welsh village, working in the small café above her mother’s store, walking her young sister to school most days, spending time with her cantankerous grandmother, she finds joy in doing the things most 30 year old’s would shun. You feel Poppy’s delight page after page, but also the undercurrent of sadness as she knows this is most likely the pinnacle of her life. While it’s a fantastic life, Poppy feels as though she will never find her one true love, she knows everyone in her village, and let’s face it, those resources a null and void.

Rosalyn Thorn has come back to village of Wells to care for her ailing father, riding in on her black sports car, looking too good for words. Rosalyn, Poppy childhood best friend left her in the dust never looking back. She was like a ghost tormenting Poppy’s memories. There is so much happiness and fused with sadness and despair hovering over the past between the two former friends. When Rosalyn comes back she stirs up Poppy’s emotions, her longing desire for true love and a heartache that has lasted nearly a decade.

This is a classic tale of opposites attract, and Clare Ashton does it with heart wrenching emotion that will quickly turn into a smile. Rosalyn and Poppy were made for each other and their journey through hell and high water to get back to each other is quite well done. This book is fantastic and you will not be disappointed.

5 out of 5 stars

I was given this novel by the author, Clare Ashton, in return for an honest review.

  • Publisher: Breezy Tree Press

Poppy Jenkins
by Clare Ashton