Salvation by I. Beacham

Salvation by I. Beacham is heartbreakingly beautiful book about two women who meet at during a painful period in both their lives. Beacham weaves a tale of strength, determination and reminds us that love really can conquer all. Angst lovers rejoice, this is another book that will make your heart ache, but it is totally worth it.

Claire de Vit is the gardener for an old mansion that was turned into upscale apartments in a small community in the southern region of England. Working with plants and landscaping gives her solace, and a chance to interact with the wonderful, eclectic tenants. SLIGHT SPOILER Claire secretly owns said apartment, and comes from a wealth of money. She easily chose to give up a glorious career as an office with the Royal Navy to watch over her disabled partner Rosie. Rosie, the absolute love of Claire’s life, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, this vibrant young woman’s mind was snatched from her way to soon. Claire watches from afar caring Rosie the only way she can anymore, planting beautiful flowers for her to enjoy. Claire lives a life of loneliness, living alone, and accepting to this will be her fate until Regan Canning shows up and shakes her world up.

Regan Canning has moved from Yorkshire to Devon. Her life is literally in shambles. Her older brother Simon has just committed suicide, her lover Karen has decided to go back to her ex-husband, and her career in teaching mathematics has hit a dead end. Regan leaves her old life behind, to try to figure out why Simon decided to end his life, and why he never reached out to her. Regan meets Claire, a friend of her brother’s, and tries to put all the pieces back together.

I. Beacham has created two characters, Claire and Regan that are absolutely magnificent. Regan can act like a little baby jackass at times and Claire needs to speak up, but while flawed, they are both so very kind and charming. Personal revelations, along with misunderstandings prevent these two from an early hookup, but the roadblocks are plausible and they keep you interested in the overall story. This is a fantastic read! 4.5 stars.

I kindly received this book from Netgalley & Bold Strokes books in return for an honest review.