Big Girl Pill by K.D. Williamson

After reading the very first chapter of Big Girl Pill, I knew K.D. Williamson had written a damn good book. Truth be told Williamson always gives you a fantastic story but this one pulled me in early and had me enthralled till the very last page. This is one of the best lesfic books of 2019. Such a fantastic read!

Maya Davis is headed back to her hometown for her best friend’s wedding. She accepted the job as bridesmaid not because she is thrilled for her besties upcoming nuptials but to finish the job of ripping her heart out. She has been in love with the future bride for years. Seeing Nina get married has to finish the job and let her move one. she just has to get through the excruciating experience with as much strength and stoicism as possible.

Nina Sterling is getting married. She likes her future husband is a resound to the safe future he has planned for them. Nina’s unhappy childhood has paved the way for this wedding. Her mother is mean and emotionally abusive. Her constant barrage of insults has left Nina a shell of a person. She looks back on her time in high school and college with fond memories because of the fun she had with Maya. She would do anything to suppress her feeling for her best friend and erase the memory of their drunken night in bed together.

The main characters in this book are masterfully written. The supporting cast adds so much depth to the story. K.D. Williamson just brought the heat when it comes to character development and dialogue. Outstanding! I could go on and on about how good this book is, but the main thing I can say…go read it. Your heart will be so happy you did!

5 out of 5 stars

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Drawing the Line by K.D. Williamson

I think this one is going to come down to personal preferences when it comes to what you are looking for in a romance. A breakup to makeup story can be a success but it’s a hard road to navigate. The reader has root for the couple even though they know there has been a monumental moment that caused that relationship to end. By the time I finished with Drawing the Line I just couldn’t have cared if the love was back or not.

Dani and Becca broke-up four years ago. They tore each other apart at the end of their relationship. One night Dani coming home late after a long night as a medical student walks into an empty apartment. Becca took everything that belonged to her and hit the road. No goodbye, nothing but a disconnected number. In all honesty who could come back from that kind of hurt. Who is going to even take your phone call much less fall in love with you again? That is a monumental mountain to climb up. Add on to it that for four years they have had ZERO contact. Then Becca decides to move back to Atlanta needing forgiveness. Girl, come on now. Dani and Becca share a mutual bestie, Rick, who has played the middleman for years. To say their bad blood is thick is a huge understatement. These two ladies have monster obstacles to overcome even to be in the same room together.

Dani, she’s okay. A bit of an ice queen who keeps everybody at a distance never really overcoming her breakup with Becca. Becca, she is really, really hard to connect with. I did not care for her, and maybe I missed something but she came off like a giant ass. Really neither character made my heart swoon. I needed to root for their them, for their love, and in all honesty, I just wanted to end my time with them as quickly as possible.

K.D. Williamson is a brilliant writer. I love her work, but this one was just not for me. I’m going to chalk it up on me that this isn’t my type of story. I know there will be folks that love Drawing the Line and rightfully so. I think it comes down to preference, this just not being the book for me on this given day.

2.75 out of 5 stars


Between The Lines by K.D. Williamson

KD Willamson knows how to write a smoking hot book. Girl can get those fires started! Super hot slow burn that keeps you reading a frantic pace. This is a fire you want to jump into.

Haley Jordan is a rookie on the New Orleans police department. Right out of the academy, Haley is sentenced to work with a less that awesome, Tang (a nickname derived from poontang is never, ever a good sign, NEVEREVER). Tang is, as you probably guessed 100% inappropriate. He makes remarks that would give an HR department a heart attack. Haley sucks it up for the greater good and focuses on being a good cop, one she knows the people of NOLA need. Haley knows that the past haunts this police force, corruption was rampant and the citizens of this great city do not trust them for a lot of good reasons. She wants to change that perception with small steps in the right direction.

Dr. Tonya Preston is a psychiatrist. While helping other people with their darkest demons, Dr. Preston has a pile of them herself. A product of a mother with severe bipolar depression and a father that just wanted to sweep it under the rug, Tonya turned to medicine to greater understand her mother’s disease. Her father’s indifference to her holds her back from really spreading her wings. She has chosen to exist rather than flourish even though professionally she has been quite successful.

When Tonya meets Haley in the direst of circumstances a bond is formed. Haley comes to the doctor’s rescue as she was being carjacked and possibly much worse. Haley stepped in, and yes, she helped save the day, but she also treated Tonya, with the utmost respect and kindness. This moment of dire circumstances and human kindness set up the beginnings of a connection. Upon running into each other at a local bar a short time later, Haley makes no bones about wanting to date Tonya. Tonya, however, has reservations, not because she’s not undeniably attracted to the young officer, but because of how much baggage she’s currently carrying. Tonya needs to be in a better place emotionally before she can begin seeing someone. Haley doesn’t let this speed bump stop her, she takes Tony up on her offer of friendship and they take their time getting to know each other before taking it to the next level. Let the tension build and build.

My only complaint and it’s just a tiny one (I don’t mean it that way 🙂 is I personally thought too much time was spent on what Haley was packing. I felt like it was almost a character in itself. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I loved how KD Williamson built up both characters and then brought them into a relationship. You felt as though you knew both of the mains individually and as a couple. Even the sub-characters were well-fleshed out. I appreciated southern slang done right. Only someone true to the south can pull it off. Perfect touch! Great story, great characters, lots of tension and it was fan the flames hot.

4 out of 5 stars


Crossing Lines (Cops and Docs #2) by K.D. Williamson

When you read a great book, an instant favorite kind of book, it’s a little daunting to read said favorite’s sequel. What if it sucks? What do you do? You can’t clear bad things from your mind. Brain bleach hasn’t been invented yet. Do you read it? Or just ignore it and wait for your friends to tell you it’s okay. Decisions, decisions!

I loved Blurred Lines by KD Williamson, I mean gushing adoration type of love. It struck a chord with me, and I found myself thinking about the main characters days after finishing it. Love, love, loved it! So, when I received a copy of Crossing Lines, a sliver of fear shot through me (overdramatic yes, but I have your attention). So, what did I do, I reread Blurred Lines. I wanted to read these two back to back to get my mind right. I wanted to remember Kelli and Nora as they were, before I jumped into the Crossing Lines.

Well Tiff how was it, how is Crossing Lines? OMG the damned book is so good! SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! I don’t know why I ever doubted the masterful KD Williamson, she brought it just like last time. This woman can write a book! I was right back to being immersed in the idiosyncrasies of Nora and Kelli’s relationship. Oh dear Lord it was so good! Williamson wrapped me up in their story and had my full attention. Their relationship pulled at my heart strings, when they had a falling out, my heart literally hurt for them. Can you ask for any more in a romance? When a writer can make you, the reader, feel what the character feels you know you have a winner. Crossing Lines joins its fab predecessor on my list of favorites. I ecstatically give it five-plus stars. ♥

I was given this book by Ylva Publishing in return for an honest review.


Blurred Lines by K.D. Williamson

Reading romance novels is one of my two hobbies. If and when I do have down time, I choose to do the two things that make me deliriously happy. I read or I run. Running tends to take precedence since I continuously talk myself into running marathons, some might say this is masochistic, but hey we all have our flaws. Why I am I telling you this? Let me ramble for a moment and I’ll get to my point.

Yesterday, the weather was 65 degrees and sunny in FEBRUARY. This is the absolute perfect running temperature for a winter hating individual like me. Did I go run my eight miles as scheduled? Nooooooo! I skipped it. I skipped my run on a beautiful spring-like winter day. Why you ask? Because of this darn book,Blurred Lines by K.D. Williamson, it was so amazing, so fabulous, it literally consumed me. You couldn’t have pried it out of my hands, even for calorie free pizza. Nope no way, I fell in love with this book. This book is great! This book is everything I yearn for every time I pick up a romance novel, every damn time!

Of our two leading ladies, one is a Seattle detective named Kelli McCabe. Blurred Lines begins with Kelli being rushed to Seattle Memorial Hospital with two gunshot wounds. This detective is a hardworking, family loving kind of lady. She’s rough around the edges, can drop F-bombs like no other, but her heart is what makes her so awesome. If you are one of her people, Kelli McCabe will love you fiercely. The detective takes care of everyone, she is her family’s go to person when they need help, and she does so amiably. While she is crass and sarcastic at times, she is also good natured and a virtual beacon of strength in a storm.

Doctor Nora Whitmore has enough idiosyncrasies to fill large boat. The doctor has spent her life alone. Her parents have passed, she has no friends, no family and she is shunned by her colleagues because of her prickly nature. She does not let anyone in. You could almost say that Dr. Whitmore is a robot. She does everything precisely. She gets up at the same time, eats the same breakfast day in day out in her monochromatic showpiece of a home. She lives for her routine. To Nora even having sex is like a business transaction. This all changes when the cocky detective ends up in the ICU. Kelli makes it her daily entertainment while in recovery to ruffle Nora’s feathers and get under her skin any chance she gets. And boy does she ever rattle her!

This book is all about the slow burn. K.D. Williamson builds this book like a bonfire, and when she finally struck the match, BOOM! Was it worth it, oh yeah! Blurred Lines has depth, character development, dialogue, plot and conflict. The writing was smooth, and the romance was smoking hot. I can honestly say this book flew right on to my favorite’s shelf. K.D. Williamson can write with the best of them. So I’ll run today in colder weather, but it was worth it, totally.

  • Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Blurred Lines (Cops and Docs Book 1)
by KD Williamson