One Last Thing (Elite Operatives, #7) by Kim Baldwin

The Elite Operatives series has been one of my favorite over the years. The books are hella entertaining with a winning combination of action, intrigue, and romance. The good gals are always bad ass and the bad guys/gals are always well… bad. Each book has taken me to an exciting location, thrown me into a perilous situation and the good guy has always prevailed with a new love interest to boot. The operatives have been everything you could ask for deliciously sexy and rugged enough to be intriguing. If you haven’t read this series, then jump for joy because you have seven fantastic books to devour. If you are like me and One Last Thing is you final one, then you probably will feel a combination of bliss and sadness as you finish.

One Last Thing begins as it introduces out to Switch, whose real name just happens to be Alex Jefferson. Switch lives in Greece and is in expert in recovering lost artifacts. So she is the perfect person for her boos, Monty Pierce to assign the case of a missing secret religious relic that was stolen off the Holy Mountain of Athos. Monty and Switch believe this relic is basically a lost cause but once the evil Theodora Rothschild is believed to be behind the theft the gloves come off. Alex must find a way onto the yacht that Rothschild has just boarded.

Ariadne Lykourgos is the daughter and heir to the Lykourgos family fortune. Her father’s wealth is astronomical so buying a stolen religious icon isn’t out of the question and Konstantinos Lykourgos needs this piece to cure his terminal cancer ASAP. The unsuspecting Ariadne is just enjoying her vacation on the family yacht. Everything changes when the new boson Alex arrives.

This book really is great, and the authors did a great job of fleshing out a lovely romance between Switch and Ariadne. There was a ton of sexiness between the two ladies! It was nice to see some of our past operatives as well. My only complaint is I wish it had been longer, but what can you do. Like I said before this whole series is great, (you want to read them in order), and the final book is fantastic.

4.25 stars

One Last Thing (Elite Operatives series Book 7)
by Kim Baldwin et al.