Broken Wings by L.-J. Baker

Broken Wings by L.-J. Baker is a fantastical tale involving fairies and dryads. As much as it is a fantasy and romance this book deals with some pretty hefty issues as well. Everything from life as an illegal immigrant, class differences, and especially abuse. All of these subjects are discussed in an interesting way that brings depth to our characters, and gives the story dimension.

The main character of the story is a fairy named Rye Woods. Rye works two sometimes three jobs as a laborer to pay the bills and to keep her teenage sister Holly enrolled in her nice private school. It is very difficult for Rye to make ends meet. Everything Rye has ever done is to protect and raise Holly. You see, Rye escaped from Fairyland as young adult woman, and as she escaped she took her kid sister with her. Rye fled after being forced to renounce being gay and facing harsh punishments and torture. Rye’s past has caused her to have very low self-esteem and she has a ton of internal baggage.

Flora With is a dryad (which apparently is tree nymph person, I had to Google this) who is well known for the artistic tapestries she creates. Flora has done well for herself financially and lives a luxurious lifestyle. Flora is immediately attracted to Rye, and pulls out all the stops to get Rye to notice her.

Rye and Flora jump into a sexual relationship very quick. This relationship is the first in many years for Rye and as amazing as it is, it brings up a lot of issues Rye struggles with. She doesn’t want to feel like she owes anyone anything. Even a simple gift of dinner out from Flora causes her to struggle.

While I loved the interactions between the characters the amount of struggle and communication issues became overwhelming to me. Rye while being very intelligent could be quite dense sometimes. Her lack of communication skills with both Flora and her sister became tedious sometimes.

Overall the story is well written and interesting. I enjoyed it being a very modern day tale but in a fantasy setting. I will say the last few chapters were very good and really sealed the book for me.

3.75 stars

Broken Wings
by L-J Baker