Take Me Home by Lorelie Brown

Keighley has an antagonistic, fundamentalist aunt. You know that type, they are always right, everything their child does is perfect, while they constantly find fault with everyone else. Aunt Daphne is the worst, and Keighley can’t stand the thought of another family holiday being criticized by this witch. What she needs is a date so at least she can flaunt that and ruffle her aunt’s feathers. Her dating sites are dry, no prospects there so she turns to Craigslist and finds a witty, charming ad in the women seeking women section.

Brooke is a tattoo artist at Belladonna Ink. Tall, lithe with short electric pink hair, Keighley is immediately smitten. Brooke has good looks, a southern accent and loads of personality to boot. These two become fast friends, total opposites but in the way that works. These two balance each other out. The only hang-up is Brooke doesn’t believe in love, her past has jaded her and she cannot or will not risk her heart on just anyone.

This short book is packed with story. There are laugh out loud moment and characters that have charisma. You cannot help but love the two mains and most of the supporting cast. The only thing that I really didn’t care for, and this is just me was too much gushing about the new dog. It was a little over the top in my option, I love animals but I wanted more from the characters and less about a puppy, especially in a novella.  Overall, short and sweet.

3.25 stars out of 5

  • Publisher: Riptide Publishing
  • riptidepublishing.com