At All Costs by Micheala Lynn

Jess Bolderson is an athletic woman who happens to also be in wheelchair. An accident while running when she was in high school left her permanently paralyzed. This traumatic moment in her life has forced her to build emotional walls to protect her heart. Jess doesn’t date, ever. She has ruled this out as a possibility for herself. Dr. Alex Branson is the one woman she has met that makes her want to break her self-imposed rule.

Alex is an ER doctor who spends most of her life working. This ultra-competitive doctor doesn’t know how to relax. Her life is her job and she has a few friends in the mix to keep her grounded.

The book starts off with a huge misunderstanding between Alex and Jess at professional women’s meeting. The doctor makes an off-hand comment about drug seeking patients and Jess basically tears her a new one at the conference table. Alex kind of puts her foot in her mouth but she owns it and makes a personal apology the next morning. Right there is the reoccurring theme for the entire book. Alex says something, and Jess chews her out and storms off or kicks the doctor out. Alex god love, her can’t do anything right. Every step they take forward relationship wise, backfires and they have to start all over again. To be honest, Alex is pretty much unlikable. The book is a lot of telling, and the story feels very surface. You never understand Jess’s emotions, other than she is almost constantly offended. At the 90% mark I wanted Alex to escape from Jess’s bad mood. Jess needs a therapist not a girlfriend.

2.5 out of 5 stars

  • Publisher: Bella Books

At All Costs
by Micheala Lynn
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