Match Point by RL Burgess

Tennis! What a fantastic game. I absolutely love sports, so, when I get a find sports based novel I almost always jump at the opportunity. I have a very limited knowledge of tennis, but I am still fascinated by the game. Match Point is a book that puts tennis front and center. It’s not used just as a backdrop that has no bearing on a romance-first story; tennis makes the two main characters who they are and drives the plot.

Jodi Richards gave up everything for love. She let go of her professional tennis career, to be there 100% for the woman she loved. Unfortunately, after five years together her partner, Tara, decided Jodi wasn’t enough for her. So after five years being away from her passion, Jodi has decided to get back into the sport she loves, and chase her dream of making a comeback and playing at the US Open.

Miranda Ciccone has just been hired by Jodi’s tennis coach, Jason, to come on the team to assist him in getting Jodi to ready for professional play. She has been coaching the juniors for years, and this is her big break into coaching at the professional level. Too bad Miranda has developed a huge crush on the tennis superstar, Jodi.

The thing about sports related books is sometimes there is too much detail into the actual game. This is not the case for Match Point. I thought the author did a fine job of balancing the story, and giving just enough details in relation to the tennis matches. Where I found faults in the book was more in regards to transitions. The story telling jumped around a little with flashbacks or change of moods, and I at times had to wonder, wait how did we get here? The transitions were not smooth to say the least. Overall the story was enjoyable and the romance between the two leads was agreeable. I think this book would have been better served with about five more chapters of dialogue, but if you have read my reviews before I have said time and time again books in this genre get cut short for whatever reason. If you love tennis or sports this will be right up your ally.

3 out of 5 stars