Mistletoe Mishap by Siri Caldwell

When an author asks me to review their books I am always filled with wonder and a whole lot of trepidation. I want to do their book justice in my review but even more so I want to be wholeheartedly honest as well. It’s so hard when a book is not my cup of tea, and thankfully Mistletoe Mishap makes this review a cake walk. So good and delightfully cute, this book is an absolute gem of a read.

Viv and Kendra have been together for years. In that time they have had lust, romance, bucket loads of love but the last four months they have hit a bit of a rut when it comes to sexy time. After a caller on the radio suggests she is going to ask her fiancé to wait six months till the wedding night to have any bedroom activities this gets a conversation flowing and an acknowledgment of said sexy time rut. Kendra in a fun loving way challenges her beloved Viv to a contest of who can make the other, well you know, the most number of times.

When ensues is a delightful story full of fun, mischief and a lot of witty banter. It’s no easy feat for a writer to tackle an established couple, but Siri Caldwell does and she does it so well. This is a fun-loving book that is so adorable it will just melt your heart. You want this in your life!

4.25 out of 5 stars

Mistletoe Mishap by [Caldwell, Siri]

Deal-Breaker by Siri Caldwell

Rae Peters is a dancer, get you mind out of the gutter, not that kind of dancer. She’s a backup dancer for an up and coming pop sensation. On stage is where Rae feels most comfortable, her body is the epitome of grace and movement. This all suddenly changes, when she slips onstage and breaks her ankle and tears her knee to shreds. Surgery followed by rehab has changed the direction of Roe’s life momentarily. All seems hopeless until she meets Jori Burgess.

Jori Burgess is a single mom, who is a semester away from her graduate degree in accounting. She supports herself and her young daughter by working as a water aerobics instructor. She just happens to work at the same facility in which Rae is doing rehabilitation. These two ladies become immediate friends. As time progresses Jori wants more from Rae, but Rae thinks she’s straight and that’s just not worth the risk.

I really liked the book, the concept is excellent. The character of Rae is very compelling, and you really feel how lost she is during her recovery period. Not being able to dance has stolen her passion for life, and she doesn’t really know what to make of her existence. She pushes the boundaries of her physical capabilities to try to speed up her bodies healing process. She is a little bit lost in this period of her life.

Jori on the other hand has clear path of where her life is headed. She can literally see the proverbial finish line. Grad school is almost complete, and so will the days of being borderline broke. As a child Jori, was raided by an invalid mother. This childhood struggle has driven into her to excel in school and to maintain her body to be the strongest she can be. Seeing Rae struggle pulls at her heartstrings and draws her time and time again to the injured dancer.

The only real hang-up I had with this book is with the character of Axel Nye, Jori’s daughter’s father. He is an ass first off. Very unlikable! Secondly I didn’t think he brought anything really to the book, his character and the mini story line he plays in just took away from the time of Jori and Rae’s relationship development.

Overall this book is a treat. Siri Caldwell has written a great book, perfect for some light, fun reading to take your mind off a busy week.

I was given a copy of this book by the author, Siri Caldwell, in return for an honest review.

3.75 out of 5 stars

Publisher: Brussels Sprout Press

by Siri Caldwell
Link: http://amzn.com/B01E1PP8EC