The Crush by Susan X. Meagher

The Crush by Susan X. Meagher made me want to drink wine. Oh no not it a bad way, in a very good way. This book is long in length but it is also chock full of depth and detail.

Nicola Bagnolesi is an advertising sales executive for her father’s advertising firm in Chicago. She is happy with her life. What more could she ask for her life revolves around partying with clients, make sales and hanging out with her girlfriend if she feels up to it. All of this changes when her father tells her she is being relocated to Italy. Aldo Bagnolesi has just inherited his family’s birthright, a winery in Tuscany. The catch is Aldo is not ready to retire just yet. He needs Nicola to be its caretaker until he can hand the company over to her brother Lorenzo.

Nicola has zero desire to babysit a winery for two years. She is very gently told that this is what her family needs her to do. This is her father’s dream and she needs to get on board. She reluctantly agrees, leaving the only place she has ever lived, breaks up with her girlfriend and boards a plane one way to Italy.

Pretty early on she figures out that this is a disaster all around. She is unprepared for this journey, and the family estate is in shambles. Cue despair!

Nicola has a chance encounter with a beautiful Italian woman name Chiara Bellini in a bar while visiting her aunt’s city of Florence. These two hit it off immediately and well things heat up to boiling pretty rapidly. The sexy time is hot, hot, hot!

A romance evolves from a one night stand, but don’t worry the push and pull of an established relationship does evolve. Our two leading ladies must work to prove that the can work together as well as be a couple. Add to the drama is Aldo is a giant a-hole and treats his daughter terribly while she works to launch his dream.

The setting and scenic descriptions are stunning.  I found it very easy to visualize where Nicola was and what she was experiencing. While I loved the setting, and the descriptions of wine making, I think my favorite thing about this book is the evolution of Nicola. She was a high flying party girl in Chicago, a little spoiled and a whole lot of coddled. She became strong, determined woman, who fought for what she believed in and backed it up with hard work and sheer determination. That transformation was stunning! She went toe to toe with her father, aunt and anyone that got in her way, all the while being tender and sweet to Chiara. Got to love that!

Really lovely book, that is lengthy and well researched.  You will not be disappointed if you don’t mind investing in the book (about twice the length of your average romance). You will have a lot to work with, but it is all worth it in the end.

4 out of 5 stars

The Crush
by Susan X Meagher