I am 100% committed to being honest in all of my reviews. I do not receive any compensation for my book reviews other than the occasional free copy from a publisher or author. This by no means affects my commitment to being completely honest. If I love it, like it, or even hate it, you will know.

I am asked periodically to review a book from an author or publisher. I am happy to do this and quite flattered actually. Here are my requirements:

  • It needs to be a lesbian romance! The romance needs to be the primary focus, not just a side element. This is what my blog is about, and pretty much all I read.
  • At this time I am not reading erotica. It’s not really my thing, so I feel I would not do most books in this category much justice.
  • Fantasy is another tough category for me because so much of the book is spent on world building. There are fantasy books that I love, but it always comes back to it being more a love story than anything else.
  • The book needs to be novel length, no short stories or novellas, please.
  • You can send it to me in a mobi file.
  • Feel free to email me at theromanticreaderblog@outlook.com for more information