Lovebirds by Lisa Moreau

Lovebirds by Lisa Moreau is a delightfully fun, syrupy sweet opposites attract romance.

Emily Wellington plays it safe. The only risk she has ever taken was to leave her well-paying marketing career to start a birding magazine call The Tweet. She promised her wealthy Beverly Hills parents and equally wealthy girlfriend that she would give the publication two years and if it was not profitable she would give up on her dream and go back to her old job. Tick tock, two years is up and her business is well into the red. She has also just accepted her long-term girlfriend’s marriage proposal. Pressure is coming from all sides to give up her birding passion, return to her corporate business career and settle in the Beverly Hill’s lifestyle her parents and girlfriend demand.

The opposite of Emily is Sydney Cooper. Sydney is broke, perpetually unemployed and cannot seem to catch a break. A teenage runaway, Sydney has brought herself up on the streets and used pole dancing as a way to make ends meet. Her dream is to teach at a Beverly Hills dance studio all she needs is the owner to finally give her the audition so she can show off her skills. 

Emily and Sydney develop an unlikely friendship as Emily searches for a rare bird and Sydney auditions for the posh dance studio. These two are thrust into hilariously awkward scenarios that leave them bickering, laughing and revealing a whole lot of attraction. 

Lovebirds is an endearing story that had me captured to the very last page. I loved the spark between the two mains and the dialogue between them was witty and fun. This is a good romance with a little something extra to set it apart.

3.5 out of  5 stars

Publisher: Bold Strokes Books


Wingspan by Karis Walsh

I really enjoy Karis Walsh’s work. She writes wonderful novels that have interesting characters who aren’t perfect, but they are likable. This book pulls you into the story right from the beginning. The setting is the beautiful Olympic Peninsula and you can’t help but want to go there as you read Wingspan.

The book follows, Ken, an architect who is wonderfully talented but suppresses all of her uniqueness to fit in and not be noticed. Our other main character is the quirky, wild bird rescuer Bailey.  The two mains meet up by chance when Ken rescues an Osprey with a broken wing and takes it to Bailey’s center to be fixed. Both women find each other very attractive right from their initial meeting, but both come with a lot of baggage so they deny the attraction.

The beginning or the book is very engaging, I was hooked. I adored Bailey, and all of her goofiness. Ken, was not my favorite. It took almost the entire book to find out where her hangups were coming from. The middle of the book got bogged down in my opinion, not enough romance and to many details about buildings and birds. The ending came to fast, and I felt disappointed. I felt like we needed another 1,000 words to really make this a great book.

3.75 out of 5 stars

by Karis Walsh